Welcome to Geiman Burkhardt Electric...

At last, an electrical contractor that cares!

That's right, we're not the typical run-of-the-mill. Through our experience, we have identified exactly what our customer wants. That is, a job completed—when it was promised—and with quality to spare. To us, gracefully handling multiple, large-scale jobs means that if we want to satisfy our customer, we better have our act together.

Running wires worthy of inspection, being ready for inspections when we say, and having the right part at the right time is implicit in our business and should never be the responsibility of our customer.

We are passionate perfectionists. Because we give more, our customers expect more. It's because the same people that began the company, still run the company. We believe that although we have mastered our craft, our work is never done and it is our ongoing goal and responsibility to exceed your expectations... every time.

We prefer to let our customers do the talking because at the power behind us... is you.


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